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Web Services

In some cases, we've found that standards didn't exist, weren't sufficient, or were too complicated technically for our customers' use cases. In those cases, we've developed custom web services to serve those needs.
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Users can create QRDA I documents from data in their Epic EMR. Each QRDA I document is specific to one patient and contains data pertinent to quality measure reporting. QRDA I documents are typically used by hospitals for quality measure submissions, and the format can also be used by individual providers. Many regulatory programs, including Meaningful Use, Core Measures, PQRS, Inpatient Quality Reporting, and ORYX Performance Measurement Reporting, accept QRDA I documents to satisfy their quality reporting requirements.


Users can create QRDA III documents from data in their Epic EMR. Each QRDA III document includes aggregated quality measurement data for a provider or group of providers, including the quality measures they are reporting on and their performance rate. QRDA III documents are typically used by providers for quality measure submission. Many regulatory programs, including Meaningful Use and PQRS, accept QRDA III documents to satisfy their quality reporting requirements.

Clinical Reference Material

Epic's Active Guidelines activity allows providers to search clinical reference websites for information relevant to their patients. Searches are triggered from within the provider's workflow and are specific to the context of the medication, procedure, diagnosis, allergy, lab result, or symptom. Reference material can be further refined based on user, patient, or language. This is Epic's implementation of the InfoButton standard.

Interactive Voice Response - Billing

This integration allows external interactive voice response systems to provide billing information to patients. While we have implemented both HL7v2 and Web service-based versions of this integration in the past, Web services are preferred for new collaborations. Current integrations include...
  • Cisco/Nexus
  • Digital DataVoice
  • Ergonomic Group, AT&T
  • Interactive Intelligence
  • Syntellect

Outgoing COV Verification Query

The interface queries Vecozo and uses the VZ37/VZ38 standard to retrieve and store insurance information for a patient.

Incoming Personnel Management explore the specExplore the technical specs

This interface is used to integrate more tightly with an external personnel management system. Unlike the Provider Information system, it is used more broadly to update the Epic system with any employee of the healthcare organization, including those who will not provide clinical care. It can be implemented through traditional HL7v2 interfaces or via Web services (recommended). Current integrations include...
  • Microsoft ProVision
  • Courion AccountCourier
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager
  • NetIQ Identity Manager