Launching your App

This set of APIs enables a user of the Epic EHR to authenticate to your web app from within an existing Epic user session.

You can test your application with a handful methods that Epic uses to launch your web application within the Epic application. From the sandbox, you can launch your app using SMART on FHIR with OAuth 2.0, or you can use encrypted HTTP GET query string if you have a legacy implementation.

An Epic organization can configure additional discrete pieces of data to be exchanged as part of the launch of your web application, such as the patient or visit that the user is currently viewing. Once you've found a healthcare delivery organization who's interested in your application, you'll complete another round of onsite testing in the organizations's environment, which may include launching your application with more contextual data than what's offered in the sandbox. If you are able to launch your web application without errors, you are well on your way toward a successful integration with Epic.

This sandbox testing is intended for quick, easy, and short-term testing of your web application with Epic. Information that you enter is not retained for use at an organization using Epic.

If you are writing a web-based application that you intend to embed in Epic, check out your options for testing integrations in Hyperdrive.