Ancillary Systems

Exchange information about lab results, pharmacy, and other ancillary clinical systems


These APIs facilitate access to images throughout the enterprise and during reading workflows or provide integration points between the Epic EMR and imaging modalities using DICOM standards.

Imaging Workflows read the specRead the technical specs

Epic has APIs available for PACS integration that include single sign-on, patient context synchronization, study context synchronization, and real-time measurement exchange. These APIs have been implemented to varying degrees across PACS and CPACS vendors. Check out our DICOM conformance statement as well. We additionally have an encryption utility for use with our XML integration (identical to URL encryption).
Current integrations include...
  • Agfa
  • Ambra Health
  • BRIT
  • Carestream
  • Change Healthcare
  • Client Outlook
  • Compressus
  • Digisonics
  • Fuji
  • GE
  • Heart Imaging Technologies
  • Hermes Medical Solutions
  • Hologic
  • Infinitt North America
  • Intelerad
  • Medstreaming
  • Merge
  • Mortara
  • Philips
  • Sectra
  • Siemens
  • Vidistar
  • Visage Imaging

Enterprise Image Access

This web integration API provides the ability to generate dynamic, secure, contextual links used to launch the appropriate context in an enterprise image viewer. You can email us to receive a simple testing harness that will help you validate that your web application can be successfully embedded.
Current integrations include...
  • Agfa IMPAX, Agfa IMPAX Cardiovascular Web Viewer, Agfa ICIS
  • Ambra Health
  • Amicas Vericis
  • BRIT
  • Carestream
  • DR Systems
  • Epiphany Cardio
  • eUnity (Client Outlook)
  • Fuji Synapse
  • GE CV Web 2.0
  • GE CCI
  • HeartIT WebPAX
  • Hyland Healthcare NilRead Enterprise Viewer
  • McKesson Horizon MI View / DX View
  • Merge / eMed Matrix
  • Merge iConnect
  • Merge Emageon AV Lite
  • Philips EasyVision
  • Philips EasyWeb
  • Philips iSite Enterprise
  • Sectra
  • Siemens MagicWeb
  • Siemens Syngo
  • Vital Images VitreaView
  • Xcelera WebForum

MWL (Modality Work List)

This DICOM interface enables a piece of imaging equipment to obtain details of patients and scheduled examinations electronically, avoiding the need to type such information multiple times.

MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step)

This DICOM interface provides a mechanism for modalities to send the procedure start and procedure complete notification.

SR (Structured Reporting)

This DICOM interface provides a mechanism for modalities to send structured information from the performed exam to Epic. Each modality or exam can send different measurements.

SC (Secondary Capture)

This DICOM interface provides a mechanism for modalities or a PACS to forward a copy of the DICOM SC images flagged by the technologist to Epic. We can process this message and file the image to be used when reviewing the patient's chart.

WADO (Web Access to DICOM Objects) Import of Key Objects

This DICOM interface pulls key objects from the PACS via WADO to support streamlined workflows throughout the EMR.