Ancillary Systems

Exchange information about lab results, pharmacy, and other ancillary clinical systems

Other Systems

Epic provides integration with other ancillary systems in the hospital, including the following.

Incoming MDS CMS Validation Report read the specIncoming MDS CMS Validation Report technical specification

Takes the CMS MDS Validation Final Report flat file, parses the result of all of the MDS assessments in the report, and files the results of the validation back to Epic The MDS Validation Final Report flat file is generated by CMS QIES and the specification for the report can be found in the CASPER Reporting User's Guide For MDS Providers. A full list of CMS error and warning codes (edits) can be found in section 5 of the MDS 3.0 Provider User's Guide.

Outgoing Diet Orders read the specOutgoing Diet Orders technical specification

Sends information about new or canceled diet orders to an external nutrition system. Messages are triggered when diet orders are created or canceled in EpicCare Inpatient EHR.
Current integrations include
  • AngelEye Health
  • CareLogistics
  • CGI
  • Common Cents Solutions
  • Compass Group
  • Computrition
  • Delegate Technology Group
  • DFM Technologies
  • GE
  • GetWellNetwork
  • HHS
  • Horizon
  • Iodine Software
  • MCR Technologies
  • MealIQ
  • Medically Home
  • PinkRoccade Healthcare
  • Serial Multivision
  • Sodexo
  • Softlogic Australia Pty Ltd
  • SONIFI Solutions
  • TCM
  • Timeless Medical Systems
  • VigiLanz
  • Vision Software Technologies

Outgoing MDS Data for MDS Scrubbers read the specOutgoing MDS Data for MDS Scrubbers technical specification

The Minimum Data Set (MDS) scrubber interface allows MDS coordinators to send in-progress and completed MDS assessments electronically to a 3rd-party MDS scrubbing vendor and receive real-time feedback.