Exchange information about money that's due and money that's paid.


These interfaces are used to support general billing workflows.

Outgoing interfaces refer to interfaces in which the EMR sends the message. Incoming interfaces refer to interfaces in which the EMR receives the message.

Incoming Financial Transactions read the specRead the technical specs

This HL7v2 interface is used to receive charges from external systems. These charges pass through the rules-based routing in the EMR to eventually be charged to the appropriate account (hospital billing, professional billing, or a different external system). Charges are subject to checks and can be routed to workqueues for further processing.
Current integrations include...
  • 3M CodeRyte CodeAssist, 3M Codefinder (CAE)
  • ADP AdvancedMD Superbill
  • AMICAS Vision Series RIS
  • ARUP Reference Lab
  • AS Software AS-ObGyn
  • AlertMD
  • Allscripts EmSTAT, Allscripts TouchWorks
  • American Healthware Eagle
  • Ameripath Anatomic Pathology
  • AmerisourceBergen MedSelect Rx Cabinets
  • Aspyra
  • CBORD Nutrition Service Suite
  • Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions (formerly Wavemark)
  • CareFusion Pyxis Medstation, CareFusion Pyxis Supplystation
  • Cerner Classic Lab, Cerner Millennium PathNet, Cerner Millennium PharmNet, Cerner Millennium PowerChart Office, Cerner Millennium PowerChart/PowerOrders/CareNet, Cerner Millennium ProFile, Cerner Millennium ProFit, Cerner Millennium RadNet, Cerner PharmNet
  • ClinLab LIS
  • Clinical Coding Solutions
  • CoPath, CoPathPlus
  • CodeRyte
  • Computer Trust Corporation WinSURGE
  • Conexsys HI-IQ
  • Consensus Medical Systems VascuPro
  • Delta Encore (previously Siemens Novius)
  • Dentrix DXOne System, Dentrix Oral Health System
  • Diagnostic Lab Services, Inc. Reference Lab
  • Eclipsys E7000, Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager, Eclipsys Sunrise Financial Manager, Eclipsys XA
  • Electronic Healthcare Systems - MMIS
  • Elekta DermPath, Elekta Mosaiq, Elekta Oncology Software, Elekta PowerPath Anatomic Pathology, Elekta Practice Management Suite
  • Embla
  • EndoSoft LLC
  • Epiphany Cardio Server ECG Management System
  • Foundation Systems Inc. Pharmacy Management System
  • G2 Speech
  • GE Centricity Perioperative, GE Centricity RIS-IC, GE Mac-Lab, GE ViewPoint
  • Greenway Medical Technologies PrimeSUITE
  • Haemonetics SafeTrace Tx
  • HCS Medics
  • Health Informatics International TIME
  • HealthLand Financial Management
  • HealthLine Systems
  • Infor Global Solutions Healthcare Solutions, Infor Global Solutions Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare
  • InnerSpace SpaceTRAX
  • InteGreat PCS
  • Intellicure EHR
  • IntraNexus Allegra
  • Itemedical Mediscore
  • Kodak DirectView
  • LUMEDX Apollo Advance
  • LogixHealth Logix PACE
  • Lynx Medical Systems C/Point, Lynx Medical Systems E/Code, Lynx Medical Systems E/Map, Lynx Medical Systems E/Point Online
  • MIPS Glims
  • McKesson AcuDose, McKesson HealthQuest, McKesson Horizon CPACS, McKesson Horizon Cardiovascular Information System, McKesson Horizon Emergency Care, McKesson Horizon Lab, McKesson Horizon Radiology, McKesson Horizon Surgical Manager, McKesson Lynx Mobile, McKesson Pathways Compliance Advisor, McKesson Pathways Financial/Materials Management, McKesson Series, McKesson Star
  • MedAptus Professional Charge Capture
  • MedData Billing & A/R
  • MediClick ProClick
  • MediServe MediLinks
  • Meditech C/S Blood Bank, Meditech C/S General Financials, Meditech C/S Lab, Meditech C/S Patient Accounting/ADT, Meditech MAGIC General Financials, Meditech MAGIC Lab
  • Mediware HCLL, Mediware Hemocare/Lifeline
  • Medline
  • Medtronic Paceart
  • MercuryMD MData Mobile
  • Metropolitan Medical Laboratories Reference Lab
  • Mortara
  • Multidata MultiTech
  • NICE Software paraNICE
  • Net Health Systems WoundExpert
  • NextGen EMR
  • NovaRad NovaPACS
  • nThrive
  • Nuance Powerscribe 360 Critical Results, Nuance Powerscribe 360 Reporting
  • O&M Solutions QSight
  • Omnicell OmniRx, Omnicell Omnicell Supply Management System, Omnicell OptiFlex, Omnicell PharmacyCentral
  • OncoChart
  • Optum OptumInsight
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management
  • Orchard Harvest LIS
  • PAR Excellence, PAR Excellence PAR Express, PAR Excellence PAR Replenish
  • PLATOCODE Computer Assisted Coding Solution
  • Palga U-DPS
  • PatientKeeper CPOE
  • Per-Se ORSOS, Per-Se ePremis (NDC)
  • Philips Calysto Hemodynamics, Philips CompuRecord, Philips Labosys, Philips Tracemaster Vue, Philips Xcelera Cath Lab Management, Philips Xper
  • Picis Anesthesia Manager, Picis ED PulseCheck (Ibex), Picis LYNX I/Point, Picis OR Manager, Picis Preop Manager, Picis medSURG (MAGIC)
  • ProSolv CardioVascular
  • ProVation Medical ProValent, ProVation Medical ProVation MD
  • Psyche WindoPath
  • Puritan Bennett Clinivision
  • QS/1 NRx
  • QSI Dental
  • QuadraMed Pharmacy (PDS)
  • Rehab Documentation Company, Inc. ReDoc
  • SCC SoftA/R, SCC SoftLab, SCC SoftPath
  • SIS Surgery Software
  • Siemens Apollo Cardea, Siemens Axiom Sensis, Siemens LANTIS Oncology, Siemens Novius Lab, Siemens Novius Radiology, Siemens Radiology, Siemens RapidComm, Siemens syngo Dynamics, Siemens syngo Imaging, Siemens syngo Workflow
  • Sunquest Blood Bank, Sunquest CoPathPlus, Sunquest Lab, Sunquest PM, Sunquest PowerPath Anatomic Pathology, Sunquest Radiology
  • T-System T-SystemEV
  • TeamHealth Medical Management Resources
  • United Clinical Laboratories Reference Lab
  • Universal Hospital Services Asset Information Management System
  • Varian Medical Systems ARIA, Varian Medical Systems VARiS Oncology Management
  • Vision4Health Molis
  • White Plume Technologies CodeScan

Outgoing Financial Transactions read the specRead the technical specs

This HL7v2 interface is used to send charges to an external billing system.
Current integrations include...
  • Siemens MedSeries4
  • Athena Health athenaCollector
  • Meditech MAGIC Patient Accounting/ADT
  • Siemens Invision RCO and ICO
  • PLATOCODE Computer Assisted Coding Solution
  • Allscripts
  • McKesson Series
  • GE Centricity Group Management (Groupcast)
  • Meditech C/S General Financials
  • Meditech Client Server Platform
  • McKesson Star
  • Siemens
  • McKesson HealthQuest
  • QuadraMed Affinity
  • Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager
  • SCC SoftLab
  • Akamai Practice Management Akamai PM
  • Parallon Business Solutions Revenue Cycle
  • McKesson PracticePoint Plus
  • McKesson Medipac
  • Keane Patcom
  • Meditech
  • Keane RAM
  • IDX Practice Management Suite
  • GE Centricity Business (Flowcast)
  • ADL Optimum Series
  • Siemens Other - Requested Creation
  • McKesson Pathways Financial/Materials Management
  • IDX Registration
  • MedData Billing & A/R
  • Greenway Medical Technologies PrimeSUITE
  • Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories Reference Lab
  • ICLOPS Focus
  • Tenet Healthcare Corporation Patient Billing Accounts Receivable
  • Cerner Millennium PowerChart/PowerOrders/CareNet
  • Sunquest Lab
  • RMI Physician Services Corporation Billing & A/R
  • GE
  • 3M Home Health
  • Eclipsys Sunrise Financial Manager
  • McKesson Revenue Cycle Management for Hospitals
  • CareFusion Pyxis Medstation
  • GE LastWord/Carecast
  • Harris CareTracker

Incoming EOB Image read the specRead the technical specs

When a user scans an explanation of benefits (an EOB) in a third party system, this message notifies Epic's billing applications. Scanning an EOB will open a new payment batch in the appropriate billing application based on the type of the scan.
Current integrations include...
  • EMC2 Documentum
  • Hyland Software OnBase
  • McKesson Horizon Patient Folder
  • MedPlus ChartMaxx
  • Perceptive Software ImageNow
  • Streamline Health FolderView

Interactive Voice Response - Billing

This integration allows external interactive voice response systems to provide billing information to patients. While we have implemented both HL7v2 and Web service-based versions of this integration in the past, Web services are preferred for new collaborations.
Current integrations include...
  • Cisco/Nexus
  • Digital DataVoice
  • Ergonomic Group, AT&T
  • Interactive Intelligence
  • Syntellect

Credit Card and Bank Account Integration read the specRead the technical specs

Epic provides support for credit cards to be used with the EMR to pay copays, hospital and outpatient bills, and for medications. This integration is handled through credit card gateway systems, which send payment data to processing services that verify the payments with appropriate banks. The gateway then sends the verified payment information back to the EMR to post the payment. This integration is handled through the patient portal and patient kiosk software as well as in over-the-phone and billing-office use cases. Epic software for credit card processing follows the PA-DSS requirements in its development.
Current integrations include...
  • ABILITY Network
  • Bluefin Payment Systems
  • ClaimsXpress
  • CORE Business Technologies
  • DivDat Healthcare Solutions
  • eBizCharge
  • Elavon
  • Experian Health
  • HealthPay24
  • InstaMed Connect
  • iPayX
  • Merchant e-Solutions
  • MyVirtualMerchant
  • Patientco
  • Paymentus
  • PayPal
  • RevSpring
  • Salucro
  • Tempus Technologies
  • TrustCommerce
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • VirtualMerchant
  • WayStar

Cash Management read the specRead the technical specs

This incoming batch interface creates a record of deposits for cash reconciliation using a configurable flat file format. The flat file is configurable and the preferred format is in the linked specification, however Epic can also support industry standard formats such as CCD+.

Credit Card and Check Scanning Device Integration read the specRead the technical specs

In addition to the Credit Card and Bank Account Integration specification, Epic provides separate and additional support for non-keyboard emulation credit card devices. This integration is handled through an interface between Epic and your gateway software. The gateway software integrates with the device and provides Epic with transaction results for the credit card payment. This integration is handled through the patient kiosk and by front desk personnel during check-in or check-out. This interface is supplemental to the generic credit card interface described above and should be implemented in addition to that interface if you want to provide support for EMV devices.
Current integrations include...
  • CORE Business Technologies
  • DivDat Healthcare Solutions
  • Elavon
  • Experian
  • HealthPay 24
  • InstaMed
  • Patientco
  • Salucro
  • Tempus Technologies
  • TrustCommerce