Exchange information about money that's due and money that's paid.


These interfaces are used to support coding processes in HIM departments.

Outgoing interfaces refer to interfaces in which the Epic system sends the message. Incoming interfaces refer to interfaces in which the Epic system receives the message.

Outgoing Claim Scrubber Query read the specOutgoing Claim Scrubber Query technical specification

Claim Scrubbing functionality integrated into various workflows in Resolute, Epic's billing system.
Current integrations include
  • Experian Health
  • Netwerkes (Ingenix)
  • Optum
  • RCxRules
  • White Plume Technologies, LLC

Coding - Incoming Query and Response read the specCoding - Incoming Query and Response technical specification

The incoming coding interface supports workflows in which coders are working entirely in your system. Coders in your system send messages to providers using Epic asking for more information to support their documentation (CDI or Coding Query). Responses are sent in return.
Current integrations include
  • 3M
  • Nuance Communications
  • Optum
  • The Claro Group

Coding - Bidirectional read the specCoding - Bidirectional technical specification

The bidirectional interface is used to integrate with encoders and computer-assisted coding systems to exchange information for Hospital Coding workflows. Epic offers front-end integrations through web services as well as back-end integration methods. Separately, the outgoing interface can be used to send the final coded information to downstream systems such as care management products.
Current integrations include
  • 3M 360 Encompass, 3M APCFinder/DRGFinder, 3M ARMS, 3M CDI System, 3M ClinTrac, 3M CodeFinder, 3M Coding & Reimbursement, 3M HDM, 3M HRMS
  • Dolbey Fusion CAC
  • M*Modal Fluency for Coding
  • Nuance Clintegrity 360 (Quantim) Facility Coding, Nuance Clintegrity 360 (Quantim) CAC
  • Optum Web.Strat, Optum Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding
  • PLATOCODE Computer Assisted Coding
  • TruCode
  • Xerox MIDAS+