Public Health

Integrate with state, federal, and professional registries to track public health.


These interfaces cover opportunities for submission to public health or professional registries. Epic modules also include built-in custom integration with national registries such as the American College of Cardiology's CathPCI registry and the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) TIEDI registry, among others.

In outgoing interfaces, the referral information is being sent to an external system.

Outgoing Cancer Reporting

This interface allows organizations using Epic to meet the Meaningful Use objective to send cancer case information to cancer registries, when using Epic's oncology software. This integration uses the Direct protocol to send the information.

Birth Integration

Epic can electronically request birth certificates from a birth registry by exchanging data using the IHE Retrieve Form for Data Capture and Clinical Research Document profiles to facilitate reporting to external registries. Epic can also push birth information to external registries using the Direct protocol.

Other registries

Much of the data relevant to registry and quality reporting is already captured in the course of providing care to patients. Epic software can abstract data from the chart and send it to the appropriate collection agency. Current integrations include...
  • ACC-NCDR CathPCI Registry
  • ACC-NCDR ICD Registry
  • ACS NSQIP: The American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program
  • AJRR: The American Joint Replacement Registry
  • AQI NACOR: The Anesthesia Quality Institute's National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry
  • CDC: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • ImproveCareNow Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Registry
  • MPOG: The Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group
  • NHSN: National Healthcare Safety Network
  • NMD: The National Mammography Database
  • PRAN: Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Network
  • Premier Quality Benchmarking
  • SAMBA SCOR: The Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia's Clinical Outcomes Registry
  • UHC Quality Benchmarking
  • UNOS: The United Network for Organ Sharing
  • VON: Vermont Oxford Network

Outgoing Clinical Results (Electronic Laboratory Reporting) read the specRead the technical specs

This interface sends clinical results (lab, imaging, etc.) from Epic. It also allows organizations using Epic to meet the Meaningful Use objective to send reportable results to public health agencies. This interface uses TCP/IP to exchange messages. Current integrations include...
  • 3M 360 Encompass, 3M Codefinder (CAE)
  • Athena Health athenaClinicals
  • Bronx Regional Health Information Organization BronxRHIO
  • CentriHealth Individual Health Record
  • Haemonetics SafeTrace Tx
  • HealthBridge Information Exchange
  • IntelliDose
  • Kryptiq CareManager
  • MedAllies Direct
  • Medicity Novo Grid
  • Microsoft Amalga
  • OTTR Chronic Char Solutions
  • Ohio Health Information Partnership CliniSync HIE
  • Optum Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding
  • Oregon Health Authority Essence
  • Orion Health Rhapsody
  • PLATOCODE Computer Assisted Coding Solution
  • Public Health Agencies: Indiana Health Information Exchange (IN), Iowa Department of Public Health, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (Missouri), New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygeine
  • RelayHealth Physician Alignment
  • Sentri7
  • TeleResults Presidio
  • TheraDoc Infection Control Assistant
  • Utah Health Information Network cHIE
  • Visicu eICU
  • Vision Software Technologies Carex
  • Xerox MIDAS+

Outgoing Lab Results and Orders to External Providers (LRI) read the specRead the technical specs

This interface is configured to send results per HL7 version 2.5.1 Implementation Guide: S&I Framework Lab Results Interface, Release 1 to meet the meaningful use stage 2 objective for hospital labs to send results to ambulatory clinics. In short this is referred to as "LRI format". When Beaker is the reference lab for another LIS or clinical system, it sends data from Beaker to external systems. It can send messages when orders are canceled, and when a result is marked as preliminary or final-verified. This interface, in the LRI format, would also be the interface to use for workflow specific use cases unrelated to meaningful use, such as if Epic receives results from an external system, and is called upon to "send the results on" to another system, even if Beaker is not installed.

Incoming Vaccination Administration read the specRead the technical specs

This interface is used to notify the EMR that a vaccination has been administered for a patient in the Epic system. It is typically sent by an external system used to administer vaccinations. Current integrations include...
  • Axion Health ReadySet Occupational Health
  • CAIR (California)
  • CaraFlow
  • CHIRP (Indiana)
  • Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager
  • PureSafety Occupational Health Manager
  • WIR (Wisconsin)

Outgoing Vaccination Query read the specRead the technical specs

This HL7v2 interface is used to query an immunization registry for information when a patient presents for care. The registry responds with historical immunization data. Some registries additionally supply immunization forecast data. This interface uses TCP/IP to exchange messages. Current integrations include...
  • ALERT (Oregon)
  • CHIRP (Indiana)
  • CIIS (Colorado)
  • GRITS (Georgia)
  • INC (Arkansas)
  • ImmPRINT (Alabama)
  • ImmPact2 (Maine)
  • KSIR (Kansas)
  • LINKS (Louisiana)
  • MIIC (Minnesota)
  • NDIIS (North Dakota)
  • NESIIS (Nebraska)
  • PA-SIIS (Pennsylvania)
  • SDIR (San Diego)
  • ShowMeVax (Missouri)
  • WIR (Wisconsin)

Outgoing Vaccination Administration read the specRead the technical specs

When a vaccine is administered to the patient and documented within the EMR, this interface sends information about the administration to either an immunization registry or another clinical system. Current integrations include...
  • CareEvolution HIEBus
  • dbMotion dbMotion Solution
  • Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager
  • ICLOPS Focus
  • Kryptiq CareManager
  • ALERT (Oregon)
  • ASIIS (Arizona)
  • CAIR (California)
  • CHILD (Washington)
  • CHIRP (Indiana)
  • CIIS (Colorado)
  • CIR (New York City)
  • DC Immunization Registry (Washington DC)
  • DIR (Delaware)
  • Florida SHOTS (Florida)
  • GRITS (Georgia)
  • HIR (Hawaii)
  • I-CARE (Illinois)
  • IMPACT SIIS (Ohio)
  • INC (Arkansas)
  • IRIS (Idaho)
  • IRIS (Iowa)
  • ImmPRINT (Alabama)
  • ImmTrac (Texas)
  • ImmuNet (Maryland)
  • KIDS Plus IIS (Philadelphia, PA)
  • KSIR (Kansas)
  • Kentucky Immunization Registry
  • LINKS (Louisiana)
  • MCIR (Michigan)
  • MIIC (Minnesota)
  • MIIS (Massachusetts)
  • MIR (Mississippi)
  • NDIIS (North Dakota)
  • NESIIS (Nebraska)
  • NJIIS (New Jersey)
  • NMSIIS (New Mexico)
  • NYSIIS (New York)
  • OSIIS (Oklahoma)
  • PA-SIIS (Pennsylvania)
  • SDIR (San Diego)
  • SIIS (South Carolina)
  • ShowMeVax (Missouri)
  • TOTS (Illinois)
  • USIIS (Utah)
  • VIIS (Virginia)
  • VacTrAK (Alaska)
  • WIR (Wisconsin)
  • WVSIIS (West Virginia)
  • WyIR (Wyoming)