Exchange information about money that's due and money that's paid.


Referrals interfaces are used to communicate information about referrals that can be used for insurance operations. Clinical data is communicated via our clinical interfaces.

In outgoing interfaces, the referral information is being sent to an external system.

Outgoing Referral Notification read the specRead the technical specs

This HL7v2 interface transmits patient referral information to an external system, such as when a primary care provider refers a patient to a specialist. Users initiate referrals either from Epic's referrals module or through clinical orders.

Outgoing Health Care Services Review Request and Response - X12 read the specRead the technical specs

This interface transmits patient referral or authorization information to a third-party system. The referral/authorization information is sent in order to obtain authorization for health care services (such as specialty referrals and procedures) with clearing houses and payors. It uses ANSI X12 278 transactions. Current integrations include...
  • Experian Health
  • HealthCareIP

Incoming Referral Notification read the specRead the technical specs

Receives patient referral information from an external system. The interface can create, update, and cancel referrals in Epic.