Exchange information to help with the business of running a healthcare delivery organization.


These interfaces allow the Epic EHR to exchange information about clinicians and staff members who practice and work at the healthcare organization.

Outgoing interfaces refer to interfaces in which the Epic system sends the message. Incoming interfaces refer to interfaces in which the Epic system receives the message.

Incoming Provider Information read the specIncoming Provider Information technical specification

Receives messages that can create, update, inactivate, or delete records in the provider master file, typically from an external credentialing system. While this interface can build the shell of a provider record, for example, address and contact information, this interface can't completely automate the addition of new providers to an organization because Epic has many settings and features that are built by association to provider records. These settings cannot by nature be controlled by an external system. There are also use cases requiring provider records to be built that will not be tracked in a credentialing system.
Current integrations include
  • American Well
  • Cerner
  • Enclara
  • Health Technology Solutions Victoria
  • HealthLine Systems
  • IBM
  • Infor Global Solutions
  • Initiate
  • LexisNexis
  • McKesson
  • MD-Staff
  • Medtronic
  • Morrisey
  • NetIQ
  • Novell
  • Ontario Ministry of Health
  • Oracle
  • Orion Health
  • SailPoint
  • SAP
  • Spheris
  • Surescripts
  • symplr
  • Symplr
  • Tenet Healthcare Corporation
  • TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant Company
  • Vergesolutions
  • VerityStream
  • Vistar Technologies

Outgoing Provider Information read the specOutgoing Provider Information technical specification

Sends provider information to an external system whenever a provider record is created, updated, inactivated, or deleted.
Current integrations include
  • 3M
  • Ace
  • Agfa
  • Allscripts
  • Andor
  • AS Software
  • BD
  • Bódegro
  • Cardea Technology
  • Carestream Health
  • CentralLogic
  • Cerner
  • Clinisys
  • CompuGroup Medical
  • Computer Trust Corporation
  • Conifer Health Solutions
  • CoPath
  • Corepoint Health
  • CPSI
  • DeliverHealth
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Dolbey
  • Efertility
  • Elekta
  • EMC2
  • Epiphany
  • Experian Health
  • Extract Systems
  • Fibroblast
  • Fujifilm
  • GE
  • Haemonetics
  • HealtheConnections
  • Horizon
  • Hyland
  • IBM
  • Infinitt North America
  • Initiate
  • InterSystems
  • Landacorp
  • Lifelines
  • LVM Systems
  • M*Modal
  • MagView
  • Mammography Reporting System
  • McKesson
  • Meditech
  • MedPlus
  • Microsoft
  • MobileMD
  • Modernizing Medicine
  • Morrisey
  • NextGate Solutions
  • NextGen
  • Nuance Communications
  • Omnicell
  • Optum
  • OTTR Chronic Care Solutions
  • Parallon Business Solutions
  • PenRad
  • Pentax
  • Philips
  • ProVation Medical
  • Roosterplatform
  • RVC
  • SailPoint
  • Salesforce
  • SCC Soft Computer
  • Sectra
  • Siemens
  • SNAPS Solution
  • SolCom
  • Summit Imaging
  • Sunquest
  • symplr
  • Symplr
  • Taylor Healthcare
  • The Claro Group
  • Transcend
  • T-System
  • Varian Medical Systems
  • VIR
  • Vistar Technologies
  • Vynca
  • Vyne Medical
  • WellSky
  • Yenlo

Incoming Personnel Management read the specIncoming Personnel Management technical specification

Receives messages from an external user management system to create, update, or delete user records in Epic. While this interface can build the shell of a user record and associate role based information, this interface can't completely automate the addition of new users to an organization, because Epic has settings and features built by association to a user record. These settings cannot be controlled by an external system. We recommend you use the Personnel Management web services rather than this HL7v2 interface as it offers significantly greater capabilities.
Current integrations include
  • Oracle
  • Orion Health