Exchange information to help with the business of running a healthcare delivery organization.


These interfaces allow the Epic EMR to exchange information about clinicians and staff members who practice and work at the healthcare organization.

In outgoing interfaces, the referral information is being sent to an external system.

Incoming Provider Information read the specRead the technical specs

This HL7 interface is used to integrate more tightly with an external credentialing system. Specifically, it is used for those persons who will act as practicing clinicians or clinical care providers in the EMR. Messages are sent when the third-party credentialing system is used to create, update, inactivate, or delete providers.
Current integrations include...
  • Cactus Medical Staff
  • Cerner EMPI, Cerner Millennium PowerChart/PowerOrders/CareNet
  • Eclipsys eLink
  • GE Centricity Practice Management
  • GetProof VisionPro
  • Greenway Medical Technologies PrimeSUITE
  • HealthLine Systems EchoCredentialing
  • MD-Staf
  • McKesson HealthQuest, McKesson Star
  • Morrisey MSO, Morrisey MSOW
  • NetIQ Identity Manager
  • Phynd
  • Siemens Invision RCO and ICO
  • Spheris eChart
  • Vistar Technologies eVIPs
  • Xerox MIDAS+

Incoming Personnel Management explore the specExplore the technical specs

This interface is used to integrate more tightly with an external personnel management system. Unlike the Provider Information system, it is used more broadly to update the Epic system with any employee of the healthcare organization, including those who will not provide clinical care. It can be implemented through traditional HL7v2 interfaces or via Web services (recommended).
Current integrations include...
  • Microsoft ProVision
  • Courion AccountCourier
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager
  • NetIQ Identity Manager

Outgoing Provider Information read the specRead the technical specs

This interface sends a message to a third-party credentialing system or other system whenever the EMR is used to create, update, inactivate, or delete a record for a clinical care provider.
Current integrations include...
  • 3M 360 Encompass, 3M CDI System, 3M ChartScript, 3M ClinTrac Care Planning Manager, 3M Codefinder (CAE), 3M HDM, 3M HRMS
  • Agfa IMPAX RIS
  • CPSI System
  • Cactus
  • CareFusion Pyxis Medstation
  • CentralLogic ForeFront
  • Cerner Classic Lab, Cerner Millennium Blood Bank, Cerner Millennium PathNet, Cerner Millennium PowerChart Office, Cerner Millennium PowerChart/PowerOrders/CareNet
  • CoPath, CoPathPlus
  • Computer Trust Corporation WinSURGE
  • Dialog Medical iMedConsent
  • Dolbey Fusion Text
  • EDCO Health Information Solutions - Solarity
  • Elekta PowerPath Anatomic Pathology
  • Hyland Software OnBase
  • IDX IDXrad
  • Initiate Identity Hub
  • Keane Patcom
  • Kodak DirectView
  • LUMEDX Apollo Advance
  • LVM Systems Centaurus
  • Landacorp Maxsys
  • M*Modal DocQment Enterprise Platform
  • MagView Mammography Results
  • Mammography Reporting System MRS
  • McKesson CareEnhance Review Manager Enterprise, McKesson HealthQuest, McKesson Horizon Lab, McKesson Horizon Patient Folder, McKesson InterQual
  • MedPlus ChartMaxx
  • Meditech C/S Lab, Meditech MAGIC Lab
  • Mediware HCLL
  • Microsoft Amalga
  • NextGen EMR
  • nThrive
  • Nuance Dictaphone Enterprise Workstation, Nuance Dictaphone PowerScribe Workstation, Nuance eScription / Dragon Medical 360 - eScription
  • OTTR Chronic Char Solutions
  • Optum Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding
  • Parallon Business Solutions Revenue Cycle
  • PenRad MIS
  • Philips iSite
  • ProVation Medical ProVation MD
  • QS/1 NRx
  • SCC SoftLab, SCC SoftPath
  • SNAPS Solution RightFax
  • Siemens Apollo Cardea, Siemens Invision RCO and ICO, Siemens Novius Radiology
  • Summit Imaging EndoProse
  • Sunquest Lab, Sunquest PowerPath Anatomic Pathology
  • Surescripts Retail Pharmacies
  • Transcend BayScribe
  • Vistar Technologies eVIPs
  • Xerox MIDAS+