Integrations for use cases specific to outside the United States.


Epic supports connecting organizations in Australia to My Health Record (previously called PCEHR) using Care Everywhere. My Health Record is a repository of patient health information and personal health records for patients that is run by the Australian government through an organization named Digital Health Australia. Care Everywhere can send and receive the following types of HL7 CDA documents:
  • Specialist letter
  • eDischarge Summary
  • eReferral
Epic also supports exporting data about outpatient services performed at public hospitals in Victoria to the Victorian Integrated Non-Admitted Health (VINAH) dataset.

The following interface specifications facilitate connecting to My Health Record and sending data to VINAH.

Outgoing PAS Data and Response Interface read the specOutgoing PAS Data and Response Interface technical specification

Sends patient, referral, administrative pathway, and encounter data grouped by patient episode to the Victorian Integrated Non-Admitted Health (VINAH) database, which is run by the State of Victoria Department of Health & Human Services in Australia. Additionally, this interface receives asynchronous acknowledgments and error information from VINAH. This interface uses messages expressed in XML encoding syntax.
Current integrations include
  • Victoria Department of Health and Human Services

Outgoing Medication Orders to Prescription Exchange Service read the specOutgoing Medication Orders to Prescription Exchange Service technical specification

Sends medication orders and receives acknowledgements from a prescription exchange service (the currently supported service is eRx). When clinicians create, cancel, or amend medication orders, this XML interface relays the ePrescription information to eRx, which forwards the medication information to the appropriate dispensing facility. This interface uses the XML message format.

Outgoing OCIO Medication Orders from EpicCare Ambulatory read the specOutgoing OCIO Medication Orders from EpicCare Ambulatory technical specification

Sends outpatient and discharge medication orders to a pharmacy information system. This interface supports a subset of HL7 version 2.4 according to the specifications defined in the Clinical System Medication Management Interface Specification version 10.1 published by the Office of Chief Information (OCIO) of Victoria in Australia.

Outgoing IHI Verification Query read the specOutgoing IHI Verification Query technical specification

Queries the Australian Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service to retrieve and validate a patient's Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) Number. The main goal of this query is to allow modules such as Care Everywhere to interact with My Health Record, which requires valid IHI Numbers for patients when uploading documents.
Current integrations include
  • Australian Digital Health Agency
  • Services Australia