Integrations for use cases specific to outside the United States.


Epic supports exchanging messages with certain eHealth registries using KMEHR message formats.

Epic currently supports publishing transactions to and querying for external transactions from the eHealth Hub via the Réseau Santé Bruxellois network. Additionally, Epic supports sending birth notification and medical forms to eBirth and is certified to communicate new medication prescriptions and revocations to Recip-E.

The following interfaces support exchanging messages between Belgian organizations and eHealth.

Outgoing Transaction Notification Interface - Belgium

Sends metadata for notes, letters, results, and scans to the Belgian National Hub. This process allows the Hub to index references to the source content for external providers to request.
Current integrations include
  • Réseau Santé Wallon

Outgoing Transaction Query Interface - Belgium

Interface for Belgium. A collection of web services invoked from the Chart Review activity that retrieve a list of documents for a patient from the National Hub and request the contents of specific documentation.
Current integrations include
  • Réseau Santé Wallon

Outgoing Birth Notification and Medical Form Interface - Belgium

Sends birth notifications and birth-related medical forms to Belgium's eBirth registry according to the specifications in the eBirth Hospital Web Services Technical User Guide - Final version - 1.6 – 12/05/2016.

Outgoing Medication Orders Request and Response Interface - Belgium

Interface for Belgium. Sends e-prescribing messages to, and receives acknowledgements from, Recip-e. These interfaces can be used to create new prescriptions, cancel prescriptions, and query for a list of prescriptions that a pharmacy can dispense.

Outgoing Financial Transactions Query Interface - Belgium

Sends charges to and receives charge verifications from an external system. Billing-related errors logged by this interface are routed to an activity in Epic where users can correct errors and resubmit affected messages in real time.