Integrations for use cases specific to outside the United States.


Outgoing Medication Orders

Sends outgoing e-prescribed medication orders, following Dutch HL7 v3 Standards (NICTIZ Aorta Can be connected point-to-point with an outpatient pharmacy system. Certification with VZVZ for communication through the Landelijk SchakelPunt (LSP) is in progress.

Outgoing Medication History Query

Queries the Landelijk SchakelPunt (LSP) to retrieve patient medication data. Certified with VZVZ. This interface follows the Dutch HL7 v3 standards implemented within AORTA.

Outgoing BSN Verification Query read the specRead the technical specs

BSN or Burgerservicenummer verification is required in the Netherlands. There are two types of BSN queries: BSN request, and BSN verification. Using provided demographic data, a BSN request will retrieve and store the BSN for a patient, whereas the BSN verification serves to validate that the BSN a user has stored to the patient record is correct.

Outgoing COV Verification Query

The interface queries Vecozo and uses the VZ37/VZ38 standard to retrieve and store insurance information for a patient. This interface uses the VZ37 / VZ38 standard.

Outgoing Perinatal Data read the specRead the technical specs

Submits summary reports at the end of each pregnancy to Perined, a national registry in the Netherlands that records obstetric data. This interface uses the XML HL7 NL standard.

Data Exchange with DBC Onderhoud Grouper

Sends Diagnosis Behandeling Combinatie (DBC) and charge information from Epic to the VECOZO Declaratie Grouper. The Grouper retrieves a billable product and billing code (DBC-zorgproduct).

Outgoing Endoscopy Reporting

Sends documents containing colorectal cancer screening information. This interface follows the standards for colorectal cancer screening (ColonIS).